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Best Web Hosting for small business 101

So, who does provide the best Australian web hosting for small business? In 10 years we have used a bunch of them from small startups to faceless monsters. Finding the right balance between affordability and support is key.

We’ve settled on a particular company that has shown us time and time again they actually care about customers. Sure we might pay and extra $5/month, but that $5 is priceless if a server fault occurs and it gets us real help from real people.

We offer hosting to all our web design clients, but there in no compulsion. We’ll quite happily use your current host. But, if something, did go pear-shaped, heaven forbid, backup and recovery is all included when your with us.

Here’s your web hosting must have’s

It’s got to be fast

More and more google are dropping hints that speed plays a role in website ranking.

This makes total sense when you think about it. The endgame of googles ranking algorithm is a “good user experience”. A fast website certainly ticks a box there. Analytics data shows a large number of users will click away if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Say hello to the short attention span generation.

Latest Technology

For servers, this means SSD disks mostly. this are faster, and far more reliable that the old spinning HDD’s.

Scalability & flexibility

Our sever setup is scalable and flexible. So when your website starts going ballistic, capturing thousands of leads, we can upgrade you with a few clicks, no problem. This also means you can start on a modest budget for simple sites.

Support when you actually need it

This is mission critical. We went through dozens of companies that promised 99.5% uptime and reliable support. In fact heres a fun challenge, try and find a hosting provider that guarantees less that that ? You can’t. So the only way you find out they’re servers and support suck is when something goes wrong.

We can now confidently offer 99.5% uptime and real time support and really mean it. We’ve done the hard yards for you.


While I don’t view cost as high on the list of hosting considerations, I realise we all have to start somewhere and money can be tight at the start of business ventures. We have basic packages from $10/month. This includes management of your backups and WordPress updates. Bargain!

Web Hosting Plans Comparison

Take a look at our most popular web hosting plans here.