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Wordpress Web Design

Expert WordPress Websites & Theme Development

WordPress – why the hype?

It’s great for users (you) & designers (me).
After a few short lessons you will be updating your own content in no time. Gone are the day’s of paying web guys silly amounts of money to update text and images.

Google loves WordPress. From and SEO standpoint its a no-brainer for designers.

Customising your existing WordPress Theme
Maybe you bought a WordPress theme a few years ago and it’s starting to look a bit dated. I can re-skin it for you. For well coded themes, like my own (cough, cough, shameless) I can slice, dice and beautify your current theme.

Custom WordPress Design and Theme Development

WordPress Theme Development or Pre-built templates. I can customise a WordPress template you’ve fallen in love with or develop your very own theme designed from the ground up. This handles the 2 common web design design requests: Get me online quick and cheap! My business opens in a week an I forgot about my website presence. I’ve got time. Lets plan this baby out from the ground up. Both these situation are perfectly doable for me.

Fast WordPress websites with clean code

We rigorously test your shiny new site to ensure: Clean code thats HTML5 & CSS3 compliant Looks great on all browsers looks great on all devices loads fast (important SEO factor) Security is tight We only go live after your site is triple tested.

Need a beautiful, functional WordPress website? Contact Darryl (me) from Punchy Web Designs today. Want to learn more about wordpress? tells you all you need to know about this amazing CMS