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Responsive Web Design Brisbane

Phones, Tablets, Desktops & TV's

The Responsive Web Design Philosophy

Sites we design use the “mobile-first philosophy”. Your website will be truly responsive and look great on phones, tablets, laptops and TV’s

Why the mobile focus?

Search volumes. Our analytics stats show that 35% of all web searches are now done via a smartphone, ipad or tablet.
Future proof you website. Mobile search has been growing rapidly in the last 3 years, showing no sign of slowing. In the next few years mobile device searches will eclipse laptops and pc’s. Our responsive, “mobile first” design approach will future proof your website for tomorrows mobile devices.

The big 3 responsive web design rules?


Font sizes and margins can make or break readability on mobile devices. Dodgy margins give us the dreaded “horizontal scroll”, when the picture seems to shoot off the side of our phone, or cause elements to run over the top of each other. And, we’ve all seen font sizes that are massive on the iphone taking 30 seconds of thumb action to scroll down the site.


The CMS itself, e.g. WordPress, plays a big role here. The clean code in our mobile wordpress theme has a two-fold speed benefit.
Firstly, we can quickly thumb down the phone screen to get the website info we need. Secondly, google loves fast sites. Fast sites rank well in the search engines.
Google now stores rendered versions of your responsive website testing it’s speed and usability.


A collapsable menu is a must. This is the little 3 bar icon you see in the top corner of mobile sites. You’d be surprised how many older website haven’t adopted this.
Unless you have 4 gagillion submenus, they should show on the mobile menu without having to click a tiny drop down arrow.